Moradok Siam - Traditional Thai Massage

Image by Kimo

Moradok Siam currently has six members of staff: Bun (Wichien), Moo, Neung, Sam Li, Kitty and Dang.



Bun and Moo have both trained in Thai traditional massage at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok. They have both also trained at the Cham Chan Beauty Institute, Bangkok, learning to apply herbal spa treatments and different oil massage techniques.

Muscular Pain

Bun specialises in deep tissue massage techniques and can help many people who suffer with muscular aches and pains, particularly back, shoulder and neck problems.

If you have a specific problem, Bun will use her experience to find the problem and her expertise to apply massage techniques to work the affected area. Please don’t expect an easy time of it!

Thai massage can offer a long term solution for many sufferers of persistent muscular pain. Moradok Siam receives many referrals from local doctors, when jabs and pills do little to help.

Please be aware that massage treatments are more effective if a course of appointments is followed.


How we can help you

Stress and Anxiety

Moradok Siam offers a little Thai oasis from life’s stresses and worries. Thai massage can help with relaxation and instil a sense of calm and inner peace in most customers. Our salon treatment rooms are peaceful and softly lit with natural light. Gentle Thai music plays quietly whilst you enjoy your massage. Many people find that they sleep better for a few days after a Moradok Siam massage. A few have even fallen asleep on our tables!

We now offer two new treatments to help alleviate your stresses and worries:

Thai head massage and acupressure.

Sports Injury and Exercise Recovery

At Moradok Siam we are specialists in helping customers with active lifestyles to recover from their aches and strains, which, if left untreated, can sometimes lead to more serious injuries! We have helped cyclists, runners, swimmers, gym goers, hikers, skiers, dancers, football players and many racquet sport players.

Moradok Siam can also help professional sports men and women and elite athletes recover from strenuous training programmes and injuries. Thai massage can aid recovery by stimulating blood flow to sore areas. Careful manipulation and stretching of problem muscle groups can help speed recovery from aches and strains, as well as help maintain lean muscle mass in peak physical condition. Finally, the enormous psychological benefits of Thai massage should not be underestimated by the serious athlete.